opening up my mind…

Thanks for joining me! I was inspired to create this site for my Digital Media + Culture course, but have actually been interested in having a blog / website for a long time. I have done some website coding before, but only a bit on WordPress. Unfortunately, I am currently coming to you from the Rocky Mountains and our WiFi up here at 8,000 feet is not holding up, so I have not yet gotten to explore all of the creative possibilities. I am happy to find WordPress mobile super accessible, but really look forward to being able to experiment more. I hope I can use this site to share some of my thoughts, theories, photography, and academic writings.

I am actually pleased to see that WordPress mobile is so accessible, as I hope to be able to make posts at any time of inspiration. Being able to update and make the visuals more cohesive later certainly keeps me from excusing myself from sharing my thoughts. The permanence of other social media often causes anxiety.

I have wanted to share my mind with the world for awhile, but have not known the right medium to do so. I already really like the flexibility of WordPress, and hope I can push myself to make something representative of my experiences and ideas (particularly when I can explore it further online and further customize). I am a bit nervous about being able to organize my thoughts into a site without it being confusing, but think different pages and access to editing should help.

I used to have a Tumblr site and really liked how I could give equal attention to photos and words through custom themes and coding. I hope I can find a theme or way to give the same virtual experience here. I also would really like to explore the capacity to connect audio in some way. As an audio thinker, I have felt that my ideas often do not fully translate to visual learners in the way I intended, and hope I can help create a more holistic representation through incorporating music and sound.

I am also a bit nervous about posting my original photography here, as I am not sure how copyrighting works. I remember being very bummed to find some of my images stolen on my Tumblr without any credit. I hope I can find a way to be able to share some of my artwork without having to worry about it being used inappropriately.

Still, I’ll take an initial risk.

Below I leave one of my favorite quotes, by Kurt Vonnegut, placed over some of my photography in a collage. I hope I can use this site to notice, exclaim, murmur, and think much more often.

… if this isn’t nice I don’t know what is.” -Kurt Vonnegut


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